A convenient procedure

Woman ready for her invisalignThere is a solution to the inconvenience of having to use messy methods to take dental impressions. Used in the preparation of tooth realignment treatments in London, Invisalign iTero is a contemporary technology that scans the patient’s mouth with a state-of-the-art digital device, creating a highly-detailed 3D image of the teeth without the need for the patient to hold putty in their mouths.

Superior speed

For London dentists, like Graham Tinkler, this system provides many advantages for dentist and patient alike. At dental practices in London, Invisalign iTero gives the dentist an accurate image of the patient’s teeth in much less time than the old method would have taken. For the patient, the experience is much more comfortable than it would have been using putty, which can restrict their breathing, increase feelings of anxiety, and leave an unpleasant gloopy residue. The digital scanner of the Invisalign iTero system is inserted into their mouth, but they can breathe and swallow as normal. The scanning procedure can even be paused if the patient wants to ask a question, or needs to sneeze or otherwise adjust their position. In London, Invisalign iTero is a big step forward for the comfort and efficiency of contemporary dentistry.

A glimpse of the future

A further bonus of using Invisalign iTero in London is that the dentist can show their patient the outcome of their realignment treatment before it begins. The patient can look at their new smile on the high-definition screen of the scanner and compare it side by side against the smile they have now. They can see the meticulous planning that goes into their clear aligners, and the detailed image can help them to visualise the outcome of their tooth realignment treatment while it is ongoing.

This state-of-the-art device improves the speed and accuracy of dental imaging, allowing the dentist to provide a better treatment for the patient, and the patient to have a much more relaxing experience of modern realignment techniques. While the oral health benefits and aesthetic enhancements offered by transparent removable aligners have been known for some years, the availability of Invisalign iTero in London will help to make the procedure more appealing.