Apartment Rentals in London: Finding Affordable Student Housing

For rent sign in front of the apartmentIf you are planning to study at any of the prestigious educational institutions in London, the next step after admission is to look for an apartment. Student housing in London can be a struggle for many international students. Even though at times it can be expensive, finding housing close to campus does not have to be difficult.

Every University has student counsellors who have information on dorms, student halls and apartments. There is a lot of information for student accommodation in London in the Internet as well. Finding a place within walking distance of the University will depend on some factors.

Here are some options:

Student halls

The most obvious choice, and a good idea as well, is to spend a year living in a student hall. Rent is a bit more expensive than sharing a flat, but it usually contains everything that a student needs. You share facilities with other students, and common areas let students socialise with one another.

There are two types of student halls – ones managed by the University and ones operated privately. University student accommodation is cheaper than privately managed facilities. These are also close to the university so if you want to get a room there, then apply as soon as possible.

Private student accommodation is the other option for one who missed the deadline to apply for university housing. The advantage is that there are a lot more choices and the possibility of meeting students from other institutions.

Apartment sharing

This is yet another option available to students going to London. Prices will vary a lot depending on location and the number of people sharing a room/apartment. Try to find accommodation within Zone 1 or 2, which are usually closer and better connected to the University.

You can find information on several websites. There is a good chance that you may have to pay an agency fee to find an apartment. Regardless of which option you choose, always look at the room before signing the rental agreement.

When you do find your place, make sure to complete all the required documents. Happy hunting!