Biomimicry is the way to go

Woman about to get dental implantsGood products mimic Nature as far as possible, and that goes for teeth as much as anything. Ever since mankind started losing teeth, people have been trying to find ways to replace them, but it was only in the 1950s that a scientist found a way to replace the whole tooth and created an artificial root to go under the artificial crown. Since then, the benefits of dental implants in Cheltenham have been giving people back the full function of their mouths.

Dental implants in Cheltenham are available from many dental practices in the area, such as Cheltenham Dental Spa.

Until the discovery of titanium as an implant material by Swedish scientist Dr Per Branemark, replacement teeth were a choice between dentures (full or partial) and fixed bridges. Neither method replaced the root of the tooth. With dentures, the artificial crowns sit on an acrylic base that is shaped to fit over, and adhere to, the gums. With bridges, the teeth are suspended from a metal plate that relies on crowns fitted onto ground down adjacent teeth to form buttresses. Neither method is satisfactory.

The problem with both is that by not replacing the tooth roots, they allow the jawbone to shrink and the gums to recede. The jawbone can lose up to 25% of its size and density in the area around a lost tooth in the first year of loss alone. If all the teeth are gone, it won’t be long before the patient develops a point-chinned, sunken look. If they are a denture wearer, it also won’t be long before the dentures become loose and start to slide around in the mouth.

Dental implants in Cheltenham stop this happening. For some reason, this strong lightweight metal encourages the growth of new bone tissue, including blood vessels. These grow over the surface of the implants, holding them in place as securely as a natural tooth. Once in place, the implants also mimic Nature by transmitting the tiny vibrations from clacking teeth into the jawbone. These tell the bone it is still in use and to keep renewing itself. This keeps the jawbone strong and healthy and the face looking youthful.