Can IVF Become Cheaper, Simpler?

The first test-tube baby was born some three decades ago. Since then in vitro fertilization, the technique used to produce babies in the lab, has become highly sophisticated and expensive. And now researchers have gone back the basics in an attempt to come out with a simpler and cheaper method which is aimed primarily for use in the developing nations.

Making Babies can become Cheaper

Experts say that where parents in the West spend thousands of dollars on pricey equipment and screenings for the IVF, the simpler method being tested by the European and American scientists can help wrap the whole thing under $265, including the costs of generic fertility drugs and lab equipment.

Under the simpler fertility approach, women will have to consumer less expensive fertility tablets rather than the normally used exorbitantly priced injections.

Ver Blerkom, who developed the technique, says that all you need is two test tubes and some solutions to raise an embryo, which as is, is not very demanding in the early stages.