Choosing Glasses over Contact Lenses

Woman reading with her lovely glassesFor some people, wearing glasses can be a nuisance. They may keep slipping down your nose, hurt you behind the ears and require constant adjustments. Moreover, dirty and foggy frames are an extra annoyance that needs to be dealt with.

People who find wearing glasses problematic are choosing to wear contact lenses to aid with their eyesight. There are quite a few advantages to using eyeglasses over contact lenses, however. Here are reasons why eyeglasses should be your first choice.

High-Quality Materials

You might find it challenging to wear your glasses. It might not be you, but the glasses that are the problem, though. Ill-fitting and poorly made glasses don’t only feel uncomfortable on your face, but it also won’t last long.

To get the utmost comfort, you have to be clever about how you choose the frames of your glasses. It must be made of high-quality materials and customised by a professional. International Eyewear, for instance, only provides optical frames that have undergone rigorous quality control tests to ensure that their customers receive only premium products.

No Age Requirement

Contact lenses are not for everyone since children cannot wear them. Glasses, on the other hand, have no age requirement. This makes them a simple and quick solution if you have vision problems. How wonderful is that?

Less Risk of Infection

Unlike glasses, wearing contact lenses involves a greater risk of infection, especially if you aren’t vigilant about regularly removing and cleaning them. Moreover, while contacts cost more to maintain, they are not as effective in certain situations (e.g. extreme weather conditions).

It may seem very uncomfortable to wear your glasses, especially if it is your first time. When you find the right pair, though, you will be able to wear them with complete ease.