Common Myths about Dental Implants and the Truth behind them

Dentist showing how implants workMany people are wondering if dental implants are the right treatment. Dental implants are a viable treatment for patients of all ages as long as they are eligible for treatment. However, a patient should make their decision made on facts and a clinical examination and unfortunately, there is much false information around that could cause them miss out on a great opportunity.

The first step for successful dental implants in Leeds is finding a good dentist. While most patients are under the false impression that any dentist can perform dental implants, this procedure can only be carried out by a qualified and well-trained dentist. Dentists who have trained in dental implants have spent additional years beyond dental school and have even attended anaesthesia training. For this reason, they are only dentists eligible to offer dental implants in Leeds. Several dentists in Leeds, such as those at Enhancedental, can perform implant surgery.

Myth 1: Dental implants are uncomfortable

Some patients may avoid dental implants because they firmly believe that they are not comfortable and may even cause pain. In reality, most patients find implant surgery more comfortable than a regular tooth extraction or root canal treatment. However, if a patient is particularly anxious, sedation options are available to help them relax.

Myth 2: Old people cannot have dental implants

Although patients can be too young for dental implants, they cannot be too old. Children and young adolescents cannot have dental implants because their adult teeth are not fully developed, but this is not the case for older teenagers and adults who want to replace their teeth with dental implants in Leeds. Age is not a preventing factor for dental implants and even people in their 90s can have them without complications.

Myth 3: Dental implants require high maintenance

Much like dental implants look like the rest of the teeth, caring for them is almost identical. Dental implants do not require special treatment. However, some patients may recommend antibacterial mouthwash and a special interdental toothbrush to eliminate the danger of gum disease. Dental implants have the potential to stay strong and healthy for many years with good oral care and frequent visits to the dentist.