Common Problems with Health Compliance

pharmacist in a drugstoreWith the rising cost of health care maintenance and rehabilitation, it is not surprising to encounter patients skipping consultations or medications. The following are the common problems and causes of non-compliance:

1. Follow up visits and maintenance medications

One doctor’s visit is sometimes not enough to make sure that you are well. Depending on your condition, the doctor will ask you to come back for re-evaluation after prescribing medications that you need to take.

Like the diagnostic tests and medical intervention, it can be costly. If you already have an existing insurance and later find out it does not cover some medications, you can avail yourself of a prescription drug assistance programs.

These programs help people from all walks of life with all types of medical conditions access prescribed medications. Just ask The Rx Solution. Prescription drug assistance programs help the insured and the underinsured to legally and effectively access prescribed medications within their locality.

2. High cost of treatment

This is the number 1 reason for non-compliance. You want to get well, but it can be challenging to avail of high-cost medical treatments and rehabilitation.

The best way to avoid the high cost of treatment is to get medical insurance. You can have another one on top of what your employer provides so that you have an added source of emergency medical help when needed.

3. Location of doctor’s office or treatment centers

You got an awesome insurance package — it covers everything. But, the nearest local doctor is just too far from your home. This can be an issue, especially when needing physical therapy or chiropractic sessions. You could miss a session and fall back on your treatment regimen.

With this problem, you should try using other resources such as community carpools or neighbors who can lend or drive you to the doctor. You can also hire a driver and rent a car to take you to the doctor for the treatment.

Getting ill can be an inconvenience for anyone. There might be times you can’t avoid it, but what you can avoid are additional inconveniences if you can comply with treatment regimens and complete prescribed medications.