Damaging Habits to Your Ears

Man Putting On HeadphonesYour hearing is one of the first senses to decline. You might have problems picking up words clearly at around age 20 and it’s bound to get worse as you grow old. Hearing loss by virtue of aging is only normal and hardly lead to deafness.

If you’re only 31 and your friends have to shout just so you can hear them, maybe the cause is not natural, but rather habitual.

You might be the one to blame for any premature problem you experience with your ears. The experts at Harris Hearing explain that certain detrimental habits can profoundly affect your ear health. Both the very things you enjoy and dislike doing may contribute to your gradually failing ability to hear.

Wonder what they are? Raise your hand if you do the following:

Going to Rock Concerts

This is not really genre-specific, but attending events where booming audio is commonplace on a regular basis may cause you to suffer loss of hearing at a young age. This is why professional musicians are four times more likely to go deaf compared with the general population. Anything that’s louder than the sound of city traffic while inside the car is already harmful to your hearing; imagine the damage from absorbing amplified music for over two straight hours over five times every year.

Listening to Your Jam with Earphones

There’s nothing wrong in zoning out to the tune of your favorite Beatles hits, except that you tend to turn it way up. The most common mistake many people make is increasing the volume to block the external noise and get a better sound. You get used to this over time and adapt until the loud noises begin to feel normal for your ears.

The audio gets transmitted directly to your ear canal when you use earphones. This, in essence, decreases the amount of sound that escapes and intensifies the loudness. Do this regularly and you have a complete recipe for noised-induced hearing loss.

Visiting a Doctor Seldom

Your physician needs to examine you consistently to keep track of your ear health. Only a qualified healthcare professional can provide you with sound advice to correct your negative habits, identify signs of hearing problems, and recommend suitable treatments.

Life as you know it will be gone forever if you don’t care for your ear health. Talk to an expert and listen to your doctor for your own good.