Dentures are better than ever

Man and woman working on the denturesDentures are often thought of as a tried and tested method of replacing multiple missing teeth. They have long been the go-to solution when a patient has lost all of their top or bottom teeth.

For practices such as Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, dentures are a cost-effective solution for their patients. Dentures are accurately crafted to fit comfortably so that they restore both function and form to a patient’s missing teeth.

Completing a patient’s smile is an important part of creating dentures and can really change a person’s life, giving them the confidence to not worry about smiling, eating or even singing while using their dentures.

How are dentures made?

In Farnham, dentures are crafted using the high quality, durable materials to precise measurements. The dentist will even use old pictures of the patient prior to their tooth loss to recreate their smile accurately.

Although fully removable dentures can provide a great solution for tooth loss, they do come with some problems. Long-term denture users often note that dentures become loose over time. This is due to the jawbones and gums shrinking over time.

Implant supported dentures

One way to remedy some of the well-known problems with dentures is to have dental implants that can support the patient’s dentures. In Farnham, dentures can be securely fixed in the mouth, anchored by dental implants, so that they don’t shift when talking or chewing.

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots that can support a range of restorations. For a single missing tooth, they can support a custom-made false tooth. For multiple missing teeth, a bridge can be attached.

Implants are attached after a minor surgical procedure in which a hole is created in the patient’s jaw. The aim of the surgery is for the implant to have as much contact with the jawbone as possible. This helps the bone to integrate with the titanium screw.

Dental implants help the jawbone remain stable and in shape, preserving facial structure. Implants can also help the remaining natural teeth stay healthy by protecting the jawbone which supports them.

Implant supported dentures, also known as denture stabilisation, can help breathe life into old, worn out dentures or secure new dentures right from the start.