Emerging Trends in ER Departments

Emergency RoomYou would not ever dare want to end up in the emergency department, for it just means that you badly need help. In any case, however, if you do end up there, you would feel safe knowing that this department is also trying to improve their services.

Besides getting reliable medical teams from companies such as Emergency Staffing Solutions, check out the emerging trends below.

Drive-Through EDs

Some hospitals and clinics today have come up with the idea of a drive-through emergency department. This is where nurses assess patients, while doctors examine them on nearby cots or inside the vehicles.

This drive through activity lowered the wait time to an hour and a half in comparison to those patients who would wait for assistance in the ER. It got rid of the requirement to wait inside the hospitals, and it even showed to be a useful undertaking, especially in a terrorist or pandemic attack.

 Triage Robots

Most people are still in denial, but robots are slowly taking over one industry after another. It is no surprise some facilities have incorporated automation. There are TriageBots in the country that registers patients, gets initial medical histories and notifies staff when they find critical symptoms, like chest pain.

 Wait Time 411

One thing that is always consistent in ER’s are those extremely long waiting times. Fortunately, there are facilities today that offer updated wait times on mobile apps, roadside billboards, texts or the Web. The problem is, not all have integrated this service because information always changes.

The medical community has gone a long way from doing everything manually. EDs now even have their counterparts called Urgent Care, which offer faster treatments. The future has brought so many innovations that make it easier for the patients to get the much-needed assistance.