Facts about FUE Hair Transplant

Hair TransplantAbout half of men in the UK over 50 suffer from male pattern baldness. While it is quite common, it does not change the fact that many men have an issue with having a bald spot.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant is an option for men that do not want other people to know they are getting cosmetic treatment. Here are some facts you should know about it.

The process

Men with male pattern baldness often lose hair from the front and sides but have a good crop of healthy hair on the back. An FUE hair transplant involves taking out healthy follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp and transplanting them to the front. The work is painstaking and exact. It is important that the transplanted hair go in slots where natural hair used to be, and they should be going in the same direction. A typical treatment takes about 8 hours, and you should see considerable improvements in hair growth within 10 months.

The advantages

The idea of transplanting hair from one area to another is not new. The process, however, has advanced considerably. FUE is popular because the results look more natural, and the process itself is quick and mostly painless. Downtime is less than a week. With unshaven FUE, meaning the head is not shaven before the treatment, no one will even know you have undergone treatment. The new air will grow gradually and naturally, so it only looks like you are growing new hair as a matter of course.

The disadvantages

The only drawback to FUE is the cost. Each follicle has about two or three hairs, and each follicle costs between £2 and £4. The total cost will depend on the number of follicles used. On average, this is about 2,500 to 3,000 follicles, or a minimum of £5,000.

FUE hair transplant is a good idea to manage male pattern baldness. However, you need to choose a good surgeon. The skill of the hair transplant surgeon will dictate the success of the procedure, and the look of the transplanted hair.