The feel-good factor

Woman having a dental work to improve her teethAlthough it is important to have healthy teeth, having teeth that create a lovely smile is also important for health, both emotional and physical. This has become more important in line with the increased availability of cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh.

Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is now very accessible, and available from many reputable dentists, such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists. People have discovered that having great looking teeth is not just vanity. It also contributes a lot to self-confidence and feeling happy. This is because a genuine smile, one that crinkles up the eyes, is a trigger for the release of serotonin in the body.

The smile is also a very important communication tool; something that people notice first about other people, and draw conclusions about. Someone who does not smile more than a suppresses smile will often be deemed to be miserable and unfriendly. Very few people will wonder if that person isn’t smiling just because they have terrible teeth.

This is why cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh has become such an accepted part of the dental experience.

A range of options

People are having unattractive amalgam fillings replaced with white composite fillings so that they can laugh without displaying their entire dental history. Others are having chips, cracks, gaps and worn edges covered over with veneers and composite bonding. Others are having wonky teeth straightened out with braces. It is even possible to get rid of too much gum with a laser. Lost teeth can be replaced with dental implants.

The aim of Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is to create a harmonious smile that looks healthy and natural, rather than one that is so white, orderly and perfect that it cannot possibly be real. That can be as unnerving and difficult to look at as grotty teeth. Therefore, if someone is having teeth whitening, the dentist may well advise them not to go for the whitest of white shades, in case their teeth are so white they look blue. Similarly, with veneers, it is important that they do not end up being too big for the patient’s mouth.

This is why a good cosmetic dentist is an artist, as well as medical professional.