Hospice Care Options for Veterans

A group of elderly in hospice careA quarter of deaths in America are veteran deaths, and most of these deaths are attributed to life-limiting illnesses. As they approach the end of their life, most of these veterans receive specialized care to help them spend their last days with as little pain as possible.

While the quality of hospice care for veterans in most Indiana facilities is almost similar, it pays to know about the various options available to make an informed decision on which institution to opt for.

Community living centers

Community living centers for veterans typically resemble home setups. They are mostly located close to veteran hospitals. They have an ideal atmosphere for veterans who would want to spend their final days surrounded by fellow veterans. A copay may be levied for CLC hospice care based on the veteran association financial information and service-connected disability status.

State veterans’ home programs

These veteran homes are owned and managed by the state. The Veterans Affairs must first identify and certify the facility before it is functional. VA also carries out annual surveys to ensure the homes comply with set standards. Some homes admit gold star parents and non-veteran partners. Certified veteran homes may get payments from the VA to defray the expenses of taking care of veterans.

Community nursing homes

VA sometimes contracts community nursing homes to offer hospice care for veterans. The VA pays for your care at the nursing home only if you meet their eligibility criteria. This criterion is based on your service connected status, income and disability level. Homes based within the veteran’s locality allow the patient to interact with his or her friends and family in his final days.

These homes offer round the clock mental health care for their veteran patients in addition to hospice care. The staff is well-equipped to deal with the specific needs of veterans. Hospice care with specialized services for veterans is the best place for them.