How to Ensure Comfort When Using Invisalign

Invisalign on purple glovesBraces are one of the earliest forms of dental treatment. People use them to correct improperly spaced and crooked teeth, among other issues. Traditional metal braces were not as aesthetically pleasing and were to some extent uncomfortable.

These issues have been alleviated with the advent of invisible braces for Townsville residents. Invisible braces commonly called Invisalign are comfortable, efficient and discrete making them the number one choice for teeth alignment. Here are some tips that will enhance your comfort when using these braces.

Change your aligners before bedtime

You need to change your braces every two weeks to advance the treatment. To minimise any discomfort, change into your new aligner set just before going to bed rather than in the dentist’s office. Since the initial pressure might be a bit uncomfortable, you can sleep right through any discomfort.

Remove your aligners using a hook

Reduction of stress on your jaw is one way you can enhance the comfort of your treatment. Removing the aligners to clean your teeth might be difficult since they suction over your teeth.

Wringing them out of your teeth will put immense pressure on your jaw and cause discomfort. For easy removal, use a small plastic hook to pull your Invisalign away from your teeth.

Strongly secure your aligners

Most of the discomfort people experience with Invisalign happens in the first days of using new aligners since your teeth will shift. If your aligners are not adequately secured, this shift is long and slow hence stretching out your discomfort. To avoid this, ensure your aligners are firmly and correctly attached.

With the enhanced comfort and discreteness of clear braces, most people forget this is an orthodontic treatment appliance.

You should still, however, follow your dentist’s advice to the letter for the treatment to work for you. Commit to wearing your braces for at least 22 hours daily and optimal dental hygiene for the best results.