How to Get Help for Lifelong Treatment of AIDS and HIV

medicines on a tableThere’s just no getting around the fact that medications for HIV cost a ton of money. According to, a lifelong therapy of HIV drugs could run into hundreds of thousands. If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV recently and is wondering how in the world you could afford the medication to stay alive.

Below are some ways to help pay for your therapy:

  • Get in touch with your state’s AIDS/HIV hotline. These hotlines have helpful operators that could get you in touch with agencies and prescription financial assistance programs in your state.
  • Contact the manufacturers of HIV medications. A majority of these manufacturers have specific programs for HIV patients that could help offset medication costs. You could also ask if they have open clinical trials you could join, provided that you get permission from your doctor.
  • Reach out to the Ryan White AIDS/HIV Program. This program is funded by the federal government and offers various support and services for individuals living with AIDS.
  • Consider applying for Medicaid. This is a federal and state partnership program that offers insurance plans to seniors, low-income individuals, people with disabilities, and other individuals who meet its eligibility requirements.
  • Work with your doctor or health clinic. They might allow you to switch to a combination pill or one-dose drug to help lower your treatment costs. It’s better to take HIV drugs that you could afford instead of not taking anything at all.

The stark reality is that the cost of a lifelong HIV/AIDS therapy is a huge issue for many patients. Knowing how much it would cost, especially if you’re underinsured or uninsured, could be discouraging. But the great news is that there are resources at your disposal, so you won’t have to shoulder all the cost on your own.