How to view the future

Woman ready for her dental implantThey say that fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin. One is a positive way of imagining the future, the other are a negative vision. They certainly create a bubbling energy that races round the body. Sadly, when it comes to dental treatments, even though they can transform people’s lives, imagining going through the treatment is more likely to engender fear than excitement. And, when it comes to dental implants in North London, some people are so frightened of going through the minor oral surgery required to put the implants in place, that they opt for another, less effective, form of tooth restoration.

This is such a shame, as no other replacement option can provide new teeth that replicate natural teeth as well as dental implants in North London can, and that’s why dentists such as Adams Dental are keen to let nervous dental patients know about the good sedation options on offer.

What is sedation?

Sedation is not the same as a general anaesthetic, which completely knocks the patient out. Sedation is an add-on to a local anaesthetic, which does the numbing, while the sedative relaxes the patient. For really anxious people, not feeling any pain will not do anything to reduce their anxiety levels, and no patient wants to go through a fairly long procedure in a state of high anxiety. Dentists would also rather know that their patient is relaxed and not suffering from being in a flight or fright state while lying back with their mouths open in a very vulnerable position.

Most dentists offer a choice between oral and intravenous sedation for patients having dental implants in North London.

Oral sedation comes in tablet form, and the patient takes this about an hour before surgery. It will leave them feeling very relaxed but also able to respond to the dentist. It wears off pretty quickly afterwards.

Intravenous sedation goes straight into the bloodstream via a vein usually on the back of the hand. The patient will feel deeply relaxed and may fall asleep but can be roused if necessary. It takes a while to wear off.