Invisalign – cost in London and other questions

Invisalign as a Dental SolutionSo, what are the primary concerns when most people consider a teeth straightening treatment like Invisalign? Cost in London comes up a lot, as does comfort. Many patients want to know how their aligners will look during treatment. There are other points that come up frequently such as duration of fitting, number of follow-up appointments that are required and details about aftercare. It’s natural for someone to have lots of questions when they are investing in their smile in this way. Today we are going to explore three aspects.

Invisalign – cost in London

The best way to get a breakdown of costs is to visit a supplier like Graham Tinkler. A good practitioner will offer an all-inclusive price that takes the patient from start to finish. An initial consultation is the first step and this is often free. After this, an accurate quote can be provided. This should include aftercare and any required retainers otherwise these are hidden costs that are only revealed at the end of treatment when the patient has little choice. Transparency around fees is one of the hallmarks of a great dentist.

Invisalign – comfort

It’s common for someone to be anxious about discomfort when facing any dental treatment. When they know it will be long term and a consistent part of their everyday life, like teeth straightening, it’s natural for these concerns to surface. Patients can rest assured that Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear. They apply the same pressure as normal braces to move the teeth. This is often accompanied by aching and some noticeable sensations. However, this is short lived, and most patients find it tolerable. If someone needs a little assistance to get through this stage of treatment, they can take mild painkillers and go about their day normally.

Invisalign – look

No one wants to wear huge braces that will affect their look. If this is the only option, someone might choose to stick with the misalignment they have. With Invisalign the choice is not difficult. The braces are so discreet that they have little impact on the patient’s appearance. They can choose to have an aesthetically pleasing treatment and a straight smile.