Invisalign in Sydney CBD: the way is clear

Woman being checked by the dentistSince the Invisalign teeth straightening system was first made available to dentists in 1997, more than four million patients worldwide have been treated with it. So, what is it that makes Invisalign clear aligners so popular?

Before Invisalign in Sydney CBD came along, at practices such asSpa Dental Sydney CBD, braces were clunky affairs. Although advances in dental technology and materials were beginning to create more lightweight ones than those of old, fixed metal braces of some type were pretty much what was on offer for anyone wanting to have their teeth straightened.

For adolescents this is embarrassing enough, having to face a barrage of taunts such as ‘brace face’ and ‘train track teeth’. For adults with high profile jobs and busy social lives, it can be a total no-no. If your teeth are perfectly healthy, if a little wonky, why put yourself through two years of that?

And while fixed braces are highly effective, they have their downsides. Particles of food can get caught in the wires and they are difficult to clean. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and can make tooth decay more likely. The wires can also irritate the soft tissues of the mouth.

So, it’s easy to see why a set of clear, removable aligners were such a breath of fresh air when they first landed 21 years ago.

Although clear, plastic aligners had been developed in the dental lab back in the 1960s and had been in limited use since then, Invisalign was the first to use computer-aided design from start to finish. It uses digital impressions to create a series of custom-made aligners. This 3D treatment plan shows a patient how their teeth will look at the end before they even begin the work.

Issues of bacteria build-up are also addressed because the aligners are removable and are taken out for eating and cleaning. And, in a real boon for self-conscious patients, they are transparent and so can’t be seen unless someone is really close up.

While Invisalign in Sydney CBD aren’t suitable for all misalignment, for mild to moderate cosmetic adjustments, they do the job cleanly and clearly.