Is Your Bag Giving You Back & Neck Pain? What You Should Do About It

Sleek clutches, adorned handbags, and trendy purses.

backpainThese may not seem harmful to you. But did you know that your bag can say a lot about your health? If it contains your mobile phone, umbrella, journal, make-up bag, alcohol, perfume, book or water bottle, it’s no surprise that carrying around a heavy load can take toll on your body.

Several studies reveal that many women suffer from back and neck pain from carrying heavy bags. What’s more shocking is that America is spending billions of dollars every year to remedy the preventable condition.

When you carry a heavy purse, it affects your posture, your muscles become stiff, and you can get throbbing headaches. Perhaps you are copying the way famous celebrities carry and load their bags; you may not notice it at first, but you are storing up trouble.

Here’s what you need to do about it:

Reduce What You Carry

A leading physical therapy practice in New York,, shares that carrying a heavy purse has a negative impact on your posture and movement, so never bring things that amounts to more than your body weight. Choose a bag that isn’t heavy, or better yet go for bags that have wider straps. As much as possible, switch your purse to the other shoulder from time to time. This is to prevent pressure and balance how your body carries the weight.

Explore How Physical Therapy Can Help

It’s best to seek the help of a professional, so you will know how your body has changed carrying a heavy bag. A therapist uses advanced clinical reasoning, diagnostic tools, and pain relief technology to determine and treat chronic pain. Physical therapy today provides answers and relief you are looking for. As a matter of fact, it can help provide pain relief and prevent pain from happening again.

Think About Your Shoes

The combination of heavy shoulder bag and high heels may seem classy. But doing this for hours can cause pain and discomfort. Your feet, back, and neck will ache. If you are going to bring a big bag, then it’s best to use flat shoes or sandals.

Carrying a heavy purse has its fair share of serious consequences. Before you leave the house to work or go for shopping, keep these things in mind to keep your body healthy.