Keeping Costs Low to Keep Dental Care Safe

Dental care can be expensive. For this reason, as well as fear, patients usually put off going to the dentist until they have a problem they can no longer ignore. To encourage patients to come in more often, dental practices try to keep costs low by getting discount dental supplies as much as possible. As it turns out, this makes practical as well as safe sense.

Infection is a Real Danger

Whenever you say “ahh” on the dental chair, you run the risk of infection, such as Hepatitis B. The mouth is home to thousands of bacteria strains, and infection happens when bacteria from one patient gets into the mouth of another. Dentists routinely sterilize their equipment, but it is sometimes not enough. Some instruments are hard to clean, and some are not heat-tolerant. Dentists use cold or chemical sterilization for these instruments. But, these methods are not always effective, or they damage the instruments, creating cracks and pits. This can make them more likely to harbor bacteria.

Danger Zones

The most common source of infection is sharp instruments. These include needles and scalpels. But, recent reports also identify burrs as a source of cross-contamination. Burrs are the drill bits dentists use to prepare a tooth for fillings. Burrs are hard to clean because they naturally have crevices, where bacteria can hide.

Enter the Disposables

Discount dental supplies are often single-use and disposable. This makes sense from a financial point of view because they are much more affordable. They also make sense for a dental practice in terms of safety, because there is no danger of cross-contamination. In addition, these instruments do not need sterilization, so that means less time and money spent using an autoclave or other types of sterilization.

The dental office needs to be clean and sterile at all times. Fancy and expensive instruments are not always the way to go. Using discount dental supplies works for the ultimate benefit of dentists and patients.