Managing Pantry Pest Infestation Around Stored Food Items

dead cockroachInsect infestation on stored foods is one of the most common household pest problems. Often called “pantry pests,” there are many kinds of insects that feed on stored dried foods.

These nasty critters contaminate more food than they eat, and the products they spoil become unfit for consumption. While pantry pests usually do not damage building or sting humans and pets, it’s still necessary to call your trusted New England pet control services to mitigate the infestation.

Where do they come from?

Pest infestation can happen at unsanitary food production facilities. However, stored food products are more likely to become infested in homes or stores.

Many pantry pests such as moths and beetles also feed on stored grain and other commodities that are usually displayed outdoors. Food products left at home or in warehouses at longer periods are particularly susceptible to this kind of infestation.

What do they eat?

Almost all dry food items can be a target of insects, including crackers, grains, powdered milk, nuts, and spices. Other products pests can infest include dry pet food, dried plants and flowers, potpourri, rodent baits, birdseed, and ornamental corn.

pest control in the pantryWhile you often find pantry pests in opened products, they can still penetrate unopened items with packaging materials made from thin cardboard, plastic, foil, paper, or cellophane. They can crawl in through seams and folds or chew their way into the package.

They can easily multiply and spread to other stored foods not only in the same location but also in other areas of the home.

Dealing with too many pantry pests can be annoying and even time-consuming, so it’s best to leave the job to professionals. Remember that experts do not recommend insecticides for controlling insects in food. Experts can clean the infested area and give tips on management and prevention.