Moving Abroad? A Day in the Life of a Happy, Healthy Expat in Hong Kong

IInsurancen the midst of a hyper-paced and stressful world, many people chose to give up and look for a peaceful place to live elsewhere. After escaping the toxic lifestyle, they are ready to face a life full of happiness and adventure. If only retirement and being an expat could be so simple and easy. But, moving abroad has its benefits and downsides – Hong Kong is no exception.

The country is one of the world’s ideal expat destinations, where the great things can outweigh the bad. Living abroad is something you should not take lightly. During the first few weeks, you might feel overwhelmed. Read on to learn some healthy tips every expat should know to feel good in a new country.

Buy the Right Health Plan

If you have decided to live in another country, be sure to make health care a priority. Do not wait for an illness or injury to happen before you value the importance of health care. As, an award-winning expat medical insurance intermediary, puts it: “Short term health plans are the best option for travellers spending between 1-12 months overseas. In the event that you require intensive treatment overseas, a short term health insurance plan will allow you to choose where you receive your treatment. You can remain in the country you’re visiting to receive treatment, visit a neighbouring country with premium quality health facilities or return home for the comfort of familiarity.”

Bring Your Medical Records

Wherever you go, it is advisable to keep copies of your medical records. If you relocate, your new doctor can have access to updated and accurate records immediately. This is a good way to avoid experiencing medical errors, such as operating the wrong body part, incorrect medications and wrong diagnosis. By bringing your own copy, you can determine any errors before they become a permanent part of your medical history.

Be Familiar with Health Warnings

An expat should research about local illnesses and diseases. Being up-to-date with vaccinations and knowing the signs and symptoms are important. There are medical facilities that use a notification system, which would help bring awareness to any health issues, warnings or updates affecting the population.

Starting a new chapter in life abroad is a wise decision. Keep in mind, though, that the more prepared an expat is, the more successful he can adapt to changes.