New trends in implant dentistry:Hertford dental implants

A lot has happened since dental implants were invented a few decades ago. Advancements in implant dentistry and a surge in patient interest have created a tipping point where implant dentistry is becoming more and more mainstream.

A trending topic right now seems to be the decision to opt for mini dental implants instead of more traditional ones. Mini dental implants are used for the stabilisation of dentures or bridges for patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. Mini dental implants in Hertford are available in specialised dental practices, including Hertford Dental Implants.

What are mini dental implants?

Just like regular implants, mini dental implants are surgically fixed into the jawbone, where they fuse to the bone tissue to create a sturdy foundation for replacement teeth. However, mini dental implants are half the size of regular dental implants and they require much less hardware and are a faster procedure. These features make them a cost-effective option for patients who cannot afford to replace all their missing teeth with regular implants. More importantly, mini dental implants can benefit patients who have lost a significant part of their jawbone.

Benefits of mini dental implants in Hertford

Mini dental implants have several benefits compared to regular dental implants. For starters, they are less expensive than normal dental implants. This is because they are smaller and take significantly less time to install, not to mention that they do not need individual crowns in order to be functional. With mini dental implants, dentures can be used which can be either removable or fixed onto the dental implants. Implant-supported dentures have many benefits compared to conventional dentures. Whereas the latter tend to become loose and uncomfortable over time, the former stay permanently in place and restore a patient’s chewing ability and oral function up to 60%. Finally, mini dental implants can be placed with minimal recovery time and because they are placed at an angle against the jawbone, they do not usually require bone grafting.

Mini dental implants are a fairly new treatment and while it may be some time before this method is perfected, it is exciting to see people’s lives being transformed easily for the better with Hertford dental implants.