Obesity Crisis: Study Shows Watching Action Films May Increase Obesity Risk

Obesity epidemic will get worse, experts claim, as a new study reveals that watching action movies may make people fat.

Factor in the Obesity Crisis

The findings, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, show that people tend to snack more while watching television.

Sedentary activities and unhealthy eating habits are known to increase obesity risk.

This is the first study to focus on and link the content factor of TV with eating habits that lead to obesity.

Distracting Content

A team of researchers analyzed the data of 94 students who were provided with bowls of chocolate, biscuits, carrots, and grapes while watching TV.

They found out that the fast-paced action sequence can distract people and make them eat more.

Not all TV shows, however, are similar and watching some of these programs can result in unhealthy eating.

“TV may lead distracted viewers to mindlessly eat past the point at which a person would usually stop,” researchers said in the report. “When watching highly distracting TV content, it may be best to avoid snacking.”