A spring-clean for the teeth

Woman ready for her teeth to be whiterSpring is on its way, honest! It’s the time of year when people get a surge of energy and a burning desire to freshen things up, give their homes a good going over, painting, repapering, cleaning in nooks and crannies, and generally refreshing the whole place after several months of cosying up indoors. They can easily extend that feeling of new fresh energy to themselves by investing in teeth whitening. In Camden, a fresh bright smile can do wonders for the self-esteem, and, if care is taken with diet and hygiene, can last for a good while.

It’s tempting to dash out and buy an off-the-shelf kit for teeth whitening in Camden, but, for good reasons, it is far safer to use a good dentist, such Ace Dental.

Why use a dentist for teeth whitening?

A dentist can protect the soft tissues in the mouth from the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide. If this is in the clinic, they use special plastic barriers but for home teeth whitening in Camden, they start by taking impressions of the teeth so that they can make a gel tray that fits the patient exactly. This ensures that the teeth get maximum coverage from the whitening gel without it spilling out of the tray onto the lips and gums, where it could be an irritant.

That’s why whitening at the dentist involves two visits. The first is for the dentist to take impressions for the mould, and the second is to pick up the whitening kit.

When the dentist does the whitening they can use a bleaching gel that is more powerful than gels used at home. Before they paint it onto the teeth, they put the barriers in place. Once everything is ready, the bleaching agent in the gel is activated by an ultraviolet lamp. The process takes about an hour and results in teeth that are several shades lighter.

As the gel for the at-home treatment is less powerful, patients will need to wear the gel-filled mould for a short period each day, and will not see results for about two weeks, depending on the depth of staining.