Teeth Whitening: The Cause of Yellow Stains

Teeth DiscolourationChemical reactions happen in your mouth every day. These reactions trigger a change in colour of the surface of the teeth. As long as you keep eating food and drinking beverages, your teeth will always be prone to discolouration. Not all types of food or drinks cause staining, though. Too much of anything may lead to oral health problems. When you find your teeth looking more yellow than it used to, you might be eating or drinking plenty of stain-causing ingredients.

The dentist of Blue Sky Dentistry shares some of the food and drinks you need to watch out for:

Coffee and wine

What makes these two drinks the common culprit is their acidic content. When you drink coffee every morning, you are opening up your teeth to acids. Wine, no matter what type, may still have high acidity, so drinking it every night may be a problem. Other beverages that may also register high on the pH scale are sodas and citrus juices. It is always best to stick with water if you wish to quench your thirst.

Candy and berries

Anything that has artificial colouring may cause staining. High sugar content also weakens the enamel or the outer layer of the tooth. Whilst berries may be healthy, they can have a natural colouring that may cause staining. Anything that stains your tongue into a different colour has the possibility to change the colour of your teeth. As much as possible, cut off candy from your diet.

Prevention of teeth discolouration involves a change in your diet. If you think you cannot sacrifice your favourite food and drinks, you can always resort to whitening methods. Visit experts on cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland and look at different options to revert your teeth colour back to its lighter shade.