The Difference Between Orthodontics and Dentistry

A Team of DentistsOrthodontics and general dentistry both work with the mouth and oral health, but there are specific differences between these practices. Orthodontics in Erskineville, and across the world, is primarily concerned with straightening teeth and correcting misaligned bite issues. An orthodontist is a facial growth and dental development expert. General dentistry on the other hand deals with maintaining oral health. Dentists can diagnose and treat oral diseases, this includes diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth.

When to see an orthodontist

Adults can consider orthodontics in Erskineville for a consultation at any time if they have concerns about the alignment of their teeth. Misaligned teeth can cause uneven tooth wear, jaw ache and other problems that will usually worsen when left untreated. Anyone concerned about their tooth alignment should make an appointment with an orthodontist as soon as they can. A referral from a dentist is not required for a patient to be seen by an orthodontist. In some cases, a dentist will refer their patient to a separate orthodontic practice. In other cases, when facilities are available, such as with Healthy Smile Centre, both can happen under the same roof.

Children should have a visit to the orthodontist by the age of seven years to check that their bones and teeth are developing in the correct way. This can be a time to intervene if there are any problems with development. Treating issues early can help to prevent more serious problems later down the line.

Orthodontists and dentists should work together for the best results. If patients would like to see an orthodontist for an evaluation, it can be a good idea to ask their dentist for a referral to an orthodontist that they trust and can recommend.

Orthodontic treatments

An orthodontist can help their patients to understand which treatments would suit their particular requirements. There are many devices used to fix the alignment of teeth, some are fixed, and others are removable. Braces can be made from ceramic, plastic, or metal. They can be fixed to the front of the teeth or the back of the teeth, on in cases such as invisible aligners, over the teeth. There are many options available for orthodontics in Erskineville.