The transformative power of dental implants

Dentist showing the dental implant procedure to the patientLosing a tooth or multiple teeth can be a big knock to a patient’s self-confidence. Luckily, thanks to modern dental techniques, dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth and give the patient their confidence back, along with their ability to enjoy their food.

In London, dental implants are considered one of the most efficient and reliable ways to replace missing teeth. Due to implant surgery’s permanent nature, implants can last a patient a lifetime.

Moor Park Dental in London provides a wide variety of professional dental care. Many people are referred to this practice from their usual dentist. Over 300 dentists refer to Dr Joe Bhat for dental implants in London.

Preparation and planning

At Moor Park Dental, the patient’s first step to their new smile is an hour-long appointment with Dr Joe Bhat to discuss any concerns or needs the patient may have.

This appointment may include x-rays and written reports helping the patient get a clear outline of the procedure. If the patient has been referred to Dr Joe Bhat, the treatment plan will be forwarded to their normal dentist.

More complex cases may require a CT scan to get all of the relevant information for adequate planning. Since their inception, the treatment time for dental implants has reduced from six months to just two.

Implant procedure in London

Once the treatment is fully planned, the patient is invited back to the dental practice for the procedure. In London, dental implants require a minor surgical procedure to be placed.

Nervous patients are offered a range of sedation for the procedure, to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible.

During the surgery, a small hole is created in the patient’s jawbone, allowing for a titanium screw to be applied. The aim is for the screw to have maximum contact with the bone.

Over time, the jawbone will heal around the screw, forming a stable anchor for either a crown, bridge or a patient’s dentures to be applied.

In just two months, the patient could be back to enjoying their favourite foods and showing off their new smile.