True or False: 5 Most Common Myths About Pregnancy

pregnancyWhen you are pregnant, you’ll hear a lot of old wives’ tales, superstitions and myths. There are crazy things that people claim to know about pregnancy. From cravings to nesting beliefs, it’s hard to know what to believe.

Here’s the truth about the most common pregnancy myths:

The bump is an indicator of the gender

People say if you are carrying out low and wide it is a girl, but when you carry high and upfront, it’s a boy. Some people even swear their basis is infallible. Nevertheless, studies state that there is no correlation between a woman’s bump and the gender of the child developing inside the womb. According to, the only way to identify the gender is to undergo ultrasound. This never fails to determine the gender and even know the condition of the baby.

No exercise during pregnancy

You don’t need to give up exercising once you discover you’re pregnant. Exercising is actually a good way to control your weight and prepare for the baby. Mild exercise is fine; all you need to avoid is full sit-ups or abdominal crunches during late pregnancy.

Skip the flu shot

Contrary, flu vaccination is important. A flu injection will not give women the flu or harm to the fetus. This can even be a lifesaver for the mother and the baby.

No nesting

No need to resist buying those cute baby clothes during pregnancy in the mall. People say it is not good to buy clothing and other nursery items until the day you give birth, but this is just a plain superstition.

Crazy cravings

Do you crave for seafood or chocolate during your pregnancy? Some say a pregnant woman craves a particular food because the baby itself wants the food. Still, doctors explain that craving is a response to a deficiency in a certain mineral in your body.

No other person can tell you what right and wrong during a pregnancy apart from a doctor. Consult your OBGYNE regularly to ensure your health and that of your baby.