Urgent Care Franchises Provide Care for Patients Who Can’t Be Attended to in the ER

Emergency triage areaMedical emergencies need immediate medical attention, as the person’s life is in danger, or delay may lead to permanent impairment. There are other conditions that require immediate care, but the person might not be not in any imminent danger.

These are conditions where the patient can go to the nearest urgent care franchise instead of the emergency room.

A Small Distinction

Before there were urgent care facilities, all medical conditions that required immediate attention were the emergency room’s responsibility. In case the ER was full, hospitals implemented a triage system.

Patient rushed to the emergency roomThis system dictated that patients who were in need of help the most were treated first, and those who have the least urgent problems, or looked as if they had minor problems, received treatment last. Emergency triage usually only happens when a large number of patients come in at the same time.

The difference between accepting in urgent care against the ER is very small, but also basic. If there’s no chance you’re going to die from the reason you went to the ER for, you are better off at an urgent care facility.

Urgent Care Advantages

If you have extreme back pains, sprains, fractures and broken bones, accidents, abdominal pain, bleeding cuts that require stitches or others of the sort, urgent care facilities can treat you as well as any other facility. This frees up hospital ERs from these cases, which are relatively easy to treat.

Another advantage of an urgent care facility is that the costs are much lower. ER and hospital bills are more expensive. Urgent care can treat a person much faster because there is no triage system in place. Moreover, because there is no triage system, medical care is given on a first-come-first-served basis.

Urgent care facilities serve as secondary access to healthcare when your primary care physician is not available. Some hospitals have a separate urgent care services area for those who need immediate action.