Valuable Smiles

Woman Showing Off TeethWisdom is usually associated with age and experience. Age is a measurement of time, an assortment of successes to look back on, a collection of stories to tell and advice to give. As people grow older, their priorities may change. While someone in their 20s won’t be burdened with the worry of wrinkles, it might be on the mind of an older individual. It’s entirely normal for nature to take its toll and wrinkles are simply signs of wisdom. But treatments for facial aesthetics in Camden serve to ease the appearance of laugh lines and wrinkles.

Longing for smoother skin does not have to be an unreachable goal. Someone who is seeking a youthful appearance does not have to go back in time, nor do they have to get it through surgical means. In Camden, facial aesthetics are provided by dentists who take careful and precise approaches to easing the appearance of wrinkles. Their understanding and knowledge of facial anatomy means they are experienced in providing non-surgical procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. These cosmetic treatments are offered to patients at dental practices like Ace Dental.

How different facial aesthetics in Camden work

Aesthetics hint at beauty and perfection, but most people understand that beauty is subjective. Treatments such as these exist to enhance someone’s appearance, intending to make them feel good and happy. Getting to know the cosmetic treatments provided at dental practices is useful for someone who is looking into facial aesthetics in Camden.

Botox is a non-surgical procedure. Once injected, it blocks the nerve impulses in the face and relaxes the tiny facial muscles. By relaxing the muscles that lead to expression lines, the Botox eases the appearance of laugh lines, crow’s feet or ‘smoker’s lines’. The procedure itself is efficient and effective, taking 5-10 minutes. After someone has received Botox, they should be able to see the results in a few days.

While Botox relaxes the muscles, dermal fillers function to fill them out. The rigidness of wrinkles and lines are smoothed out, making the skin look youthful. The injection only takes a few minutes and a local anaesthetic will be used to avoid any discomfort during treatment.