After Getting Over Your Bulimia, Prioritise Your Teeth

Woman in London Suffering from BulimiaTo get over bulimia is a cause for celebration and a bout of controlled consumption. You would not want to feel guilty about overeating again, and it is a good habit to know your limits in food. Nonetheless, the effect of bulimia is more widespread than you think. It changes the way you see food and in more immediate matters, it probably damaged your teeth quite badly. With vomiting a constant for bulimic sufferers, the gastric acid that came with your regurgitation will have eroded the enamel on your teeth.

As such, you can expect higher sensitivity and, very likely, an uglier set of choppers. It depends on how long you had to deal with bulimia, but if you experienced constant urges to binge, you most probably felt the urge to vomit almost daily. Now that you are out of the habit, one of your priorities must be rehabilitating your teeth and you should start with its appearance.

Like Hot Water to Ice Cubes

Tooth decay is the worst effect of bombarding your teeth with gastric acid and even forced this woman to get fake teeth to replace her two front teeth. It is also evident that the majority of her upper and lower molars have decayed, too, showing that bulimia poses a serious danger for your teeth.

The good thing is that you are not short of cosmetic dentistry practices in London. As a city, and a country, obsessed with improving its dental health, you will have access to all revitalisation treatments you need, such as teeth whitening, veneers, fillings and more.

When Age Becomes Part of the Problem

Your dental health will recede, generally speaking, as you age and if you are dealing with it along with the effects of bulimia, it is important to start early. One of your best moves is to maintain a dental hygiene routine. Adopt a suitable regimen for your situation but as always, consult a dentist first before doing anything. A hygienist may also help you preserve your teeth in the long run.

It is a bad deal to be dealing with bulimia while trying to rehabilitate your teeth, but it is very much possible. Early action is important, so act fast and ally it with professional help.