Keeping Your Dental Implants Clean and Free from Damages

SmilePeople with missing or damaged teeth can experience shame because of their less than perfect smile. Good thing cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for these people to finally get their old smile back. By visiting your trusted dentist, you can get dental implants to restore these missing or damaged teeth. Once you do, here are some things you must do to keep your implants looking good and clean.

Clean Your Implants Regularly

Just like natural teeth, dental implants from Sheen Dental implants in Richmond also needs regular and proper cleaning to maintain its form and colour. You must still practise oral hygiene by brushing two to three times a day and flossing once a day. If you don’t follow this, you can develop oral diseases which can cause more damages to your teeth. If you practise proper oral hygiene, implants can last a lifetime.

Buy the Right Toothbrush

As much as possible, you can’t use the regular toothbrush anymore. Ask your dentist to recommend a specialise brush for your dental implants. Manufacturers produce special toothbrush for implants, which usually have a slender brush head and angled neck for reaching narrow areas easily. The soft filaments guarantee a tender cleaning process. There are also implant flosses and interdental brushes with plastic-coated wires.

Schedule a Dentist Appointment

Even after you get your dental implants, you still need to visit your dentist regularly for clean-up and routine check-up. The dentist should make sure that the implants are completely protected, meaning the crown and abutment won’t be impacted. These must be smoothened and high polished to prevent scratches which may lead to bacteria build-up. Instead of metal instruments used in cleaning natural teeth, dentist should use plastic scalers and curettes for cleaning implants as they cut more easily.

Now, you can flash your perfectly gorgeous smile wherever you go and whoever you’re with. Follow these tips to make your dental implants look good and always new.