Kitchen Economics: Eating Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Eating Well In SydneyIf you are a frequent visitor of Sydney’s food markets, one thing you may have noticed is that nearly all vendors will have the same type of produce in their stands.

Why Seasonal Produce Works

Fruits and vegetables harvested at their seasonal peak are more nutritious. This is because they were given enough time to mature. While it’s true that you can freeze or preserve these seasonal food items while at their peak, long-term storage also means the nutrients eventually break down and deteriorate. 

It may still taste as good as it would during its peak, but the nutritional value may have decreased by the time it reaches your plate. As the season changes, so do the fruits and vegetables that help provide your body with the appropriate supportive nutrients.

Great for Everyone

Buying seasonal produce can be the healthiest thing you can do for the environment, your body, and your wallet.

Allowing food to grow in its specified time is more nutritious since it received the correct nutrients from its ideal environment. Less human interference can also mean fewer 'extras' like pesticides and similar chemicals that, while generally safe for consumption, may adversely affect some people. Less interference may then translate to better quality food.

Your wallet will likewise thank you because locally grown fruits and vegetables cost less. There is neither additional transportation cost nor any need for preservatives to keep the produce fresh during transit. The abundance of seasonal produce makes it less costly: the law of supply and demand.

Where to Get It

You can buy fresh produce easily at your local farmer’s market. This is the best way to assure yourself of the quality of the food you buy. If you have little time to spare for this, consider finding a reliable delivery service. Doing so can give you easy access to seasonal fruits and vegetables available within Sydney.

Eating well is easier than you may expect. Get into the habit of learning what’s in season in your area and reap the benefits for yourself and your wallet.