Knee Injuries From Various Causes That May Require Surgery

an athlete with a knee injuryKnee injuries can be caused by any of a number of issues, events or problems. The most common causes are injuries due to sports activities or sometimes due to a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes these are are a confluence of different problems. In most instances, minimally invasive surgery for knee for patients in Utah County can be arranged ensuring the patient is back in action after a short recuperation and therapy.

Knee Injuries

There are several kinds of knee injuries. There are fractures, caused by direct trauma to the knee’s bone structure. This can cause the knee bones to break and can be very painful. They interfere with how the bone functions and may cause difficulty for the person to lift heavy objects. Ligament injuries include anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. These are often sports-related due to stresses to the ligament. Sudden stops, change in movement and directions can cause this type of injury. 

There are also injuries to the meniscus. The medial and lateral menisci are cartilaginous materials located between the knee bones and act as shock absorbers. Excessive knee twists can injure the meniscus. Knee joint dislocation can impede blood flow to the leg and cause other problems. This is treated as a medical emergency.

Causes of Knee Injuries

Knee injuries do not just happen due to trauma. Most times, these injuries are due to accumulated stresses. Conditions which can make knee injuries possible include weak thigh muscles; leg muscles, tendons or ligaments which are too tight or too loose; stressful knee activities; twisting knee motions; knee bone structure or alignment issues.

What can make things worse, or make the injury more likely would be if the patient played sports which require repeated knee bending, squats, and jumping, or knee twists. An overweight person is also more likely to experience knee problems.

Knee issues and injuries can now be fixed with a quick surgical procedure. However, it is still a good idea to take measures to prevent injuries. For overweight persons, losing weight would be a big help to the knees. For athletes, they should be more aware of their actions and not push themselves beyond their capabilities.