Providing Optimum Support Against Alcohol Withdrawal

A man with an alcohol addictionAlcohol dependence is a dangerous territory. When the body is used to having high levels of alcohol on a regular basis, it would suffer from withdrawal symptoms once the person cuts back on intake.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be mild to severe. It could even become life-threatening if not resolved immediately. Mild symptoms include:

  • anxiety
  • trembling
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • sweating

As per the severe symptoms, they are classified as delirium tremens or DTs. These are characterized by:

  • extreme confusion
  • hallucinations
  • seizures
  • fever
  • agitation

Getting Help

If you or a loved one is experiencing the symptoms, whether mild or severe, immediate medical attention is required. You may be a candidate for a detoxification treatment, which will help you stop drinking altogether while assisting you with the withdrawal symptoms, so they would not bother or affect you as much.

The best option is getting help from a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Los Angeles. Treatment specialists will be able to boost the supportive environment available to further encourage the inflicted individual to hop on the road to cleansing. To overcome alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you will mostly need a quiet place with a supportive ambiance. There should also be minimal contact with other people except for the treatment staff who will assist you towards recovery.

The special environment needed by a recovering alcoholic is usually packed in a residential treatment center where he will feel much at home, but with available facilities to help him manage his symptoms and overcome the physical and mental challenges.

The challenges are greater if you previously went through a phase of alcohol withdrawal and are at it the second or third time. That’s why it is important that you choose the right treatment center, so you won't have to go through the physically and mentally taxing symptoms all over again.