Smile Style 101: Perfect or Natural?

Woman smilingMost people want perfectly white and straight teeth, while others prefer the natural, stained look. Some even love the gap between their front teeth. How about you? Do you dream of having those perfect pearly whites or you just want to settle for your teeth’s signature colour and appearance?

We have our own style preferences. And when it comes to smile, we either long for improvements or stay happy with the way it looks. Find out why more people want to undergo smile makeovers and why some others do not.

The Picture Perfect Smile

White and straight teeth improve our looks and boost our confidence level. This is what Aura Dental and other practices that offer dental braces in North London are pointing out. With the introduction of innovative procedures, such as teeth whitening and smile makeovers, more people, including famous celebrities, set the trend for the so-called “Hollywood smile”. Treatments involve changing the structure of the gums and applying special solutions to improve the appearance of the teeth.

The Imperfect, But Stunning Smile

The popularity of snuggle-tooth smiles and gap-toothed models is mainly due to their distinctive appeal. According to Kirsten Dunst, her sexy snuggle fangs give her character. Often referred to as a gap-toothed beauty, French actress Vanessa Paradis said she do not want her teeth fixed because they are useful. Even Madonna has gaps between her two front teeth.

The country of origin has something to do with how people want their teeth and smile to look like. Americans, for example, want a complete set of pearly whites, whilst Brits prefer naturally coloured teeth.

Bespoke Smile

With a range of dental treatments available, it is possible for patients to get the bespoke smile they have always wanted. Using modern devices, dentists can plan a patient’s smile digitally and show how the result will look like before doing the procedure. Talk to your dentist about the treatment options available for you.