Straighter teeth and happier smiles

Woman showing of her clear bracesHaving crooked teeth can really affect your quality of life if you worry about your appearance. Your smile should be an asset that you are proud to share but for so many people, teeth that are misaligned, poorly spaced or overcrowded can make them feel self-conscious or anxious. Gaps in the teeth also accumulate plaque and make them harder to clean. Corrective treatment is usually carried out for children but it is not too late for adults. You do not have to limit yourself to metal braces anymore as advances in technology have made a whole range of discreet options available.

Braces that only you know about

The Harley Street Dental Clinic find that more and more adults are seeking treatment to straighten their teeth but need a method that is unobtrusive and fits in with their lifestyle. Professional and social interactions are usually better when you are not worrying about people noticing that you have braces. You may have heard of invisible braces and thought that they sounded too good to be true but many people have benefitted from them. Treatment time is often shorter than traditional methods, so you could rapidly achieve the smile of your dreams without anyone even noticing that you are doing so.

Options to suit you

If you like the idea of removeable braces, then there are a range of almost invisible clear plastic aligners available. Invisalign is a popular brand and uses a series of clear plastic trays, which gradually guide the teeth into the correct position. The aligners are removeable so you can take them out for eating, cleaning or special occasions. This means that they have little effect on your everyday life. There are also fixed lingual braces that are fitted behind the teeth and so are totally hidden from view. They use brackets and wires but are unseen and you also avoid the risk of marking the enamel on the fronts of your teeth. Each bracket is custom-made to snugly fit against the backs of each of your teeth.

With invisible braces, you can smile with confidence throughout your treatment and then enjoy your new, straighter smile for a lifetime.