The One Thing You Should Do For Your Broken Teeth

Teeth X- RayBreaking a tooth is one concern of many people, as it does not heal and nothing grows anew once the permanent one gets pulled off. There are many causes, but there is one thing you may do if one or more teeth break.

If you get cut from a sharp object, you may tend to it on your own, but when you fracture or break your teeth, your only option is to go to a clinic in Bromley for restorative dentistry treatments. Unless you can live with an unsightly smile or a gap between teeth, it is advisable that you seek treatment immediately.

Immediate Broken Tooth Remedy

The moment you break your teeth accidentally, wash your mouth with warm water. If there is blood on a particular area, apply pressure to it with a piece of clean cloth to stop the bleeding. Then put a cold pack or ice wrapped in cloth over the lip or cheek of the broken tooth area. Take a pain reliever after to soothe the sting and then visit your dentist right away for treatment.

For Minor and Major Damages

Depending on the gravity of the crack or damage, dentists may offer different treatments for the problem. For minor cracks or chips, they may just smooth out the edges or any rough spots. Whilst these damages rarely require treatment, you have to be careful from then on because it is more prone to breakage.

For cracked teeth, dentists use a filling material for repair. Sometimes it may need a crown to hold the tooth or a root canal treatment if the pulp gets affected. In worst cases, such as damaged caused by a cavity, they may recommend removing the whole tooth and replacing it with an implant.

Avoid the common causes of the dental problem, such as chewing on hard food. Watch what you eat because some food and drinks contain chemicals than weaken the enamel. If you are into activities that make you more prone to accidents, wear a mouth guard for improved protection.