There’s No Room for a DIY Fix in Teeth Alignment

Teeth AlignmentThe do-it-yourself (DIY) brigade says doing something yourself can save you a lot of time and money. They claim that you just need to follow a series of steps and you can solve just about any problem. Unfortunately, when it comes to your oral health, a DIY fix can do more harm than good. Getting professional orthodontic help in Canton is safer. Here's why.

Don’t Try at Home

DIY treatments for teeth straightening and gap closing are a common practice that The American Association of Orthodontists actively discourages. At best, these items won't work, wasting your time. At worst, they can become a source of infection, irreversible gum damage and teeth loss.

Why DIY Braces are a No-No

A standard tool for DIY teeth alignment fixes is rubber bands. The principle behind its use is that setting the bands close to the roots of your teeth will forcefully pull the teeth together. However, these bands are nothing more than hair elastics. These bands could eventually move your teeth, but without the supervision of a trained orthodontist, your teeth could become even more misaligned than when you started.

In fact, the worse alignment would be the least of your problems. You could also be at risk for infection, and the bands could cut off blood supply to your teeth aside from damaging the nerves around them. In other words, the DIY fix will only make a bad situation worse.

Leave it to the Pros

Only an orthodontist has the qualifications to handle misaligned jaws and teeth. They will know what appliance to use for your alignment process, and they can put various measures in place to prevent side effects and complications.

Specialists around the world discourage unsupervised attempts to realign your teeth using elastic bands. Clearly, the risks outweigh the supposed benefits. Beware these DIY fixes!