What your Dentist is Looking at When you are being Assessed for Dental Implants

Dental ImplantSo, you have decided to go ahead and investigate the possibility of getting dental implants. Your first trip will be to see your dentist so that they can do a thorough assessment of your mouth. It is worth knowing some of the things they might be looking at as being well informed can often be a more comfortable experience.

Gum Health

A common reason for losing teeth is through gum disease. We all know we need to take care of our teeth but many people still do not with a recent study showing that 1 in 4 adults including a third of men admit to not brushing their teeth twice a day

If you do reach the point where you need to have a tooth removed or you have in the past and are considering having an implant, a dentist at a clinic like Warrendale Dental in Ross-on-Wye will check your gum health and remaining teeth to make sure that the problem is not going to continue and lead you to more extractions in the future. If you have teeth that are close to being beyond saving by any simple method then they may recommend having them replaced with implants as well.

Bone Density

Simply put, your jaw bone supports your dental implants and it needs to be thick enough to do the job. If it is not then there are solutions where the dentist can build up the bone structure to create a better environment into which dental implants can be fitted.

Placement Options

Assuming you have good overall bone density, different parts of your jaw have different strength and thickness. If you need more than one implant in the same area of the mouth, your dentist will choose the position carefully so that certain biomechanical factors are taken into account.

Studies and trials of dental implants over time have increased our knowledge of the way that the mouth and jaw bone moves during the many activities they undertake. Consider something like chewing where they are crunching and grinding against one another. Dental implants can be inserted vertically or at an angle to take their position and the different stresses into account and this is something dentists decide on for their patients.