Wedding Accessories: A Guide to Having a Glamorous Look

Wedding AccessoriesAs a bride, your wedding day is the most important event in your life. It’s the day when you’re the most beautiful and glamorous woman in the room. All eyes are set on you, your wedding gown, and your accessories.

Accessories play an important role in making you look stylish on your wedding day. There is more to your look than just a white dress.


Choose the style you’re most comfortable with. For a rock and roll-themed wedding, try on stylish sneakers. A beautiful pair of flat sandals can be worn during a beach wedding. For formal wedding parties, high heels or lace wedding boots are equally fashionable.


Simplicity is the key. Shops in Salt Lake City have a wide jewelry selection. Choose a statement necklace or a fashionable bracelet. Remember not to over-accessorize and just go with items that enhance your look.

Hair Accessory or Hair Piece

Your hair accessory should work well with your dress and your hairstyle. Schedule a hair trial to make sure that every accessory complements your look. If you’re planning to use a headpiece, bring your earrings with you. Consider the embellishments of each piece as well.

Bridal Handbag

If you decide to use a bridal handbag on your wedding day, make sure it can carry all your essentials. Clutch bags, smaller bags with chains, and bridal wrist straps may be some of your options. Pick a bag that’s the same color as your gown, so you have a complete look. It will surely make a statement in your wedding photos.

Cardigans or Jackets

In cases when you get cold, have something to keep you warm. A cardigan or jacket can come in handy and will add to your overall look.

A glamorous look does not need to be very expensive. Mix and match. You have a lot of options.