Be Interesting: Things to Talk About on Your First Date

First Dates If you’re not a sociable person, you may find it hard to break the ice between you and someone. The prospect of dating is something you wouldn’t consider; it may even mean hell for you. But at some point, you’ve got to get out and meet someone.

And once you’ve decided to meet someone, the next problem you’ll deal with is how you’re going to break the ice between you and that person. Here are some things you need that will help you go at it:

What’s Your Favorite ______?

An expert from LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking notes that cliche as they may seem, but questions under this category are a surefire way to start a conversation. It could be books, movies or food. And from there, you can come up with follow-up questions that will surely sustain the conversation. You need to make sure that the person on the other side of the table will talk about the things that he/she loves. This is highly recommended by professional matchmakers in Dallas.

Dog or Cat?

People love these cute critters, and you’ve got to know which side your date is on. The conversation may lead to funny and friendly arguments that will surely include other topics — from the name of your pet to its eating habits. Is your date not an animal lover? Now’s your chance to encourage him/her!

Do You Travel?

If talking about his/her favorite books, movies, or food suddenly becomes boring, why not talk about your date’s favorite destinations. Your date will certainly have a lot to say about his/her experience in case he/she is a travel junkie. If your date is not a big fan of travelling, you can ask him/here about his future travel plans.

Going on dates can be awkward and scary at times, especially when it comes to initiating a conversation. May the tips above help you find the right person.