Deadly Flu Outbreak Worries Doctors

A type of flu is spreading rapidly and more cases are proving deadly, which prompted doctors to urge the public to get vaccinated.

Hospitals on high alert

Hospital employees in Ann Harbor, Michigan, say that hospitals have been full of patients with flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are terrible enough for them to seek medical attention in emergency rooms.

Concern has sent patients to area hospitals and clinics. More than a dozen were reportedly admitted in ICU, where most of the patients have been diagnosed with the H1N1.

Local hospitals confirm three of those patients died because of the virus.

Worldwide epidemic

What’s worrying doctors most is that these patients are young and were healthy before they got infected.

The wave of infected patients led hospitals to temporarily issue visitor restrictions to protect healthy patients.

Lena Napolitano, M.D. of U-M Department of Surgery, said in a statement that the rash of flu cases reminds her of when H1N1 swine flu first appeared in the United States four years ago, causing a worldwide outbreak.