Effective Strategies to Curb Smoking

Man Breaking CigaretteYou can’t get a job if you are a smoker. It may sound unfair, but a research has shown that smoking prevents people from getting a job. Hiring managers prefer non-smokers because of work priorities. So before you suffer from other negative effects of smoking in your life, you have to quit now. Many smokers bounce back to smoking because of quitting without a plan.

If you don’t want to be included in the statistics, here are some hacks that may help you kick the habit:

1.Never stop all of a sudden. When you suddenly stop smoking, you will experience withdrawal. When you stop, you get stressed, experience headache, become uneasy and easily get irritated. The only way to cure these is to slowly reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. That is the power of nicotine. It will not get out of your body right away.

2.Objective Setting. You need to set an objective to succeed this plan. You should ask yourself why you want to quit. Once you have a goal, you can create more detailed and systematic strategies in order not to bounce back.

3.Schedule. Now that you have a goal. It is to make a schedule. Setting the date ahead gives you more time to prepare mentally and emotionally.

4.Monitor. When you reach day one, it is time to monitor the sticks you smoke every day. Make sure you reduce it gradually. Punish yourself if you smoke over the limit.

5. Open up. Tell your family and friends your plan to quit smoking. There are times that you want to give up especially on the first stage of the plan. You need inform them because they know how to support you all the way.

6. Intensive Program. In quitting, you will deal with mental, emotional, and physical issues. These disturb your plan. If you find it really difficult, you can join a 30-day smoking program that can make sure that you don’t stray away.

7. Natural ways. In the 30-day program, industry experts Quit Stop Now explain that you can also learn to quit smoking naturally. Your body will be cleansed and your cravings will be reduced through a nicotine free treatment.

8. Kick out alcohol and all cigarettes around you. If you are alcoholic, it will be harder for you to quit smoking. Science explains that alcohol makes nicotine progress faster to the body. The more you drink, the more sticks your puff.

9.Gain a new life. This is what you get after succeeding each step.

Now, combine all the first letters of the strategies from one to nine. That is what you have just accomplished. After you have finally ended smoking, it is time to spread the “NO SMOKING” campaign and help others become a better person.