Entry-Level Teas for the First-Time Tea Drinker

Full-leaf tea in clear mugTea has a reputation for being full of antioxidants, helping with digestion, and a slew of other health benefits. Before you can gain anything from those health benefits, however, you first have to differentiate teas from one another, as each affects the body in different ways.

You can look at the guide below and pick the tea you want from an organic tea supplier.

Tea for the Elderly

You will most likely be familiar with green tea. Chinese and Japanese restaurants usually serve this tea as a complimentary beverage. Older generations such as the baby boomers are also fond of green tea.

For its health benefits, green tea can stabilize cholesterol and blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and aid in weight loss. Some people also consider green tea as a preventive beverage against cancer, heart disease, and aging.

Tea for the Teeth

You may also be familiar with black tea that commonly makes up most popular afternoon teas. Like green tea, black tea can also lower cholesterol, but it can also protect your teeth from decay, your heart from cardiovascular risk factors, and your lungs from smoke-induced injuries.

You can also drink black tea to help with digestive problems.

Tea for Eczema

When you want to go into more tea that most serious drinkers take, you can try oolong tea. Oolong tea usually garners a description of being somewhere between green and black tea. Like green tea, oolong tea can help in weight loss and cancer prevention.

Like black tea, oolong can help improve digestion as well. Finally, uniquely its own, oolong tea can also relieve eczema.

More Specialty Teas

You can find many other teas that you can try out such as Pu-her tea, white tea, Pouchong tea, and more. These teas come with different health benefits as well. You can research more on them to find out what they can do for your body.

In the meantime, you may want to start with the three kinds of tea mentioned above. You can begin a healthy tea diet from there.