Learn from Jay: The Young Man Who Never Brushed His Teeth

Dirty stained teethDo you encourage your children to brush their teeth and to floss? Do you brush and floss your teeth yourself? You may expect parents to be concerned with their children’s oral health, but you may be surprised that some do not care at all.

Some even take their oral health for granted and end up needing specialised dental procedures, such as dental implants in Liverpool. Read on to learn how important good oral hygiene is to your overall health.

No Brushing for 20 Years

A 21-year-old young man named Jay appeared on an episode of Embarrassing Bodies and told viewers he had never brushed or flossed in his entire life. He said his parents never taught him the importance of oral care when he was a child. As such, he grew up consuming sugary foods and fizzy drinks. He likewise became increasingly afraid of the dentist over the years.

Damage to Jay’s Teeth

The television episode displayed the extent of Jay’s tooth decay. Tartar—hardened food debris—clung to young man's teeth. Because of the tartar build-up, a dentist had difficulty assessing the teeth, and a hygienist had to use a scaler to scrape away the tartar. Jay then underwent a CT scan, which showed he needed 11 extractions.

A Reminder

Do you want your children’s teeth or yours to go through what Jay’s teeth experienced? If your answer is no, then brush, floss, limit your consumption of sugary foods and fizzy drinks and visit your dentist in Liverpool regularly. You probably already know these things; now it will only be a matter of application.

Merits in Oral Care

Pursue oral health and you can say goodbye to tooth decay just like in Wales. A survey in Wales showed a significant decrease in tooth decay among five-year-old children. From 47.6 per cent in 2008, the percentage of children who had tooth decay fell to 34.2 per cent in 2016.

A Happy Ending

As for Jay, fortunately, the roots of his teeth and the bone inside his gums remained healthy. He was able to receive dental implants to replace the teeth he lost. He promised to take care of his teeth and now confidently lives a life free from tooth decay.

When you need help with oral care or tooth decay problems, a dentist can help you with cleanings, extractions and even dental implants here in Liverpool.