The Significance of a Smile

Friends laughing together in the parkA smile is a silent hello and a sign that a person is happy. Often, smiles are pleasantly contagious, serving to make others grin and laugh too. So when someone is unhappy with their teeth, they are bound to hide their smile. It would be a shame to carry on that way without considering a cure for crooked or crowded teeth, which is why someone with that problem might be seeking braces in Erskineville.

Braces in Erkinseville aren’t just available in one form. Dental practices such as Healthy Smile Centre provides a variety of braces to suit the needs of individual patients. Whether someone is looking for traditional fixed braces or clear and removable aligners, the intention of straighter and healthier teeth is just the same.

The straight and effective solution

Teeth-straightening treatments work to enhance the aesthetics of a person’s teeth and improve their oral health. The problem with crooked teeth is, they can affect someone’s self-esteem and confidence when they want to smile. If there are gaps between the teeth that need to be closed in, this can also cause a problem like an excessive build-up of plaque. This can lead to complications like gum disease or tooth decay, which puts the appearance of a person’s smile and their oral health at risk.

Sticking to tradition

Just one of the ways that someone can straighten their teeth with braces in Erskineville are traditional braces themselves. These are effective and reliable, carefully controlled by the dentist to move someone’s teeth to their correct positions. Light forces are used to shift the teeth, meaning that little discomfort is felt by the patient.

Having braces in Erskineville is temporary, but the straighter smile at the end of it is long-lasting. So long as a person looks after their teeth during and after treatment, making sure they maintain a healthy dental routine, they can smile with confidence and feel proud to show off their teeth. While a teeth-straightening treatment may seem daunting for some, it’s always worth voicing any concerns to the dentist. They are more than happy to discuss treatment with patients and reassure them that it’s worth considering if it is necessary.