What Significant Thing Can You Do in a Span of 10 Days

Significant Things to do in 10 DaysTen days is quite long. If you let this pass without putting it into a specific endeavour, you’ll end up wasting it. However, if you plan for an activity, you’ll be able to do more.

Time flies fast. In fact, time does run fast that you would always find yourself chasing it. At times, the 24-hour day is so lacking you feel like you need to extend it more just to accommodate the things that you still haven’t done. But what if you have free 10 days? What will you do with it? Here are some ideas.

Spend time with your kids

Don’t say that “Hey, I’m also spending time with my kids, why would I spend 10 days with them?” Okay, following your argument that you do spend time with them, but did you even asked if the time spent with them can be categorised as “quality time?” You see, according to Talented Ladies Club, spending quality time with kids is important because it helps make them feel secure. This time does not only mean teaching them their homework but actually talking to them and being with them.

Learn a Musical Instrument

They say that Taylor Swift is a self-taught guitar player. If she was able to learn guitar, then why can’t you. Ten days translate to 240 hours and that means you have more time in the world to learn an instrument. Try to pick an instrument which you felt you had always wanted to play, only that you weren’t given an opportunity to do so. According to Effective Music Teaching, playing an instrument increases the capacity of the memory. In addition, it is a way to de-stress. Don’t you like the idea of being able to play a simple tune on a guitar or keyboard at the end of 10 days?

Go to a Retreat

Vagabond Temple says if you want to relax and give yourself some time to free your mind from worries of work and family, then you can opt for a 10-day meditation retreat. These retreats will help you experience the different aspects of yoga and be one with your inner self. Try to ask whether there are detoxification and nutrition courses included. That way, if you would indeed opt for this, you’ll end up being healthier and more at peace.

These are just among the things that you can do in a span of 10 days. The list is actually endless. You can think of other great things that you can do in 10 days’ time. Instead of letting such days pass by normally, it would be best to devote them to a wholesome activity.